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"On December 28, 2015 the Morgan family's lives changed forever when we learned that our youngest son Finley, who is 2 years old has leukemia. Our hearts are broken. Before this day leukemia was something that happened to other people. Just a weird word that means you have cancer. For at least the next 3 years it will something we have to fight every day. Obviously the most important thing to us is Finley's full recovery, but in the back of our minds we also worry about the financial burden of this disease."

4 Your Soul designed unique T-Shirts to be used to raise funds for Finley.  

Unlike many other organizations that support this type of fundraising, we do not have a minimum requirement for your fundraising campaign to support your cause.  We see it as our mission and ministry to support your cause, to make a difference, to say thank you.  T-Shirts are the vehicle that allows our company, 4 Your Soul, to give back.  

There are no up front costs, and we do all the work.   We build a shopping page and take all orders.  We print all orders approximately every 10 days, shipping to your supporters or to a centralized distribution center.  You receive the proceeds from the campaign.

4 Your Soul is here to support your cause.  We support major companies, non-profits, and individuals with campaigns to support their causes.  Please contact us to see how we can support your cause.

Brian and Heather Searcy

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