Vineyard Funding™

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Plant and Grow a Vineyard of Funding

Funds are essential for you to accomplish your good works. Traditional fund raising has limitations, boundaries, and can be highly unpredictable. We offer an opportunity to plant a vineyard capable of growing your funding organically. Essentially, Vineyard Funding™ is a boundless vineyard with ever deeper roots and satisfying fruit for everyone you work to serve or bless.

The Key Ingredients – Roots and Seeds

Roots are your contributors.  They amazing at capturing all kinds of great things from just about any soil. The fruits of this amazing process are enjoyed by others or replanted for more fruit. Fund raising with a new vineyard can become just as amazing!

Your Seeds!  Our unique approach to vineyard funding provides your root contributors unique ‘thank-you fruit’ gifts for their generosity, while giving them additional fruit to plant seeds and fertilize new roots on your behalf by sharing a free gift with someone new.

Harvest Seasons - Number of times per year you run your program

Vineyard Funding™ programs from Ink 4 Your Soul (4YS) will provide multiple and predictable funding harvests throughout the year, and designed with the capacity of bountiful harvests without end.

Grow good fruit, quench and nourish needs, and enjoy channels of deep, healthy roots!

You can customize the number of Harvests per Year

This may be merged to existing programs, or a stand alone Vineyard Funding™ Program

Seed Generation to expand your Vineyard – 2nd ‘Gift’ provided for your “Roots” – Contributors, to give to a new prospective Contributor – “Spread The Word”

How Ink 4 Your Soul Supports Your Vineyard Funding™ Program

We are very focused on what is important to you, while applying a creative team and extensive product and delivery capabilities to set you apart. There are no limits to our custom shirt and communications products capabilities and ideas.

Let us build your Vineyard Funding™ Program

No Up Front Costs

We Build Your Shopping Page

We Take All The Orders

Shirts are fulfilled and shipped in boxes with your logo printed on the box

Special Event Notices inserted into the boxes to support your events

Send an email or give us a call today to get started!     940-231-3195

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